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Qualified Wallet

Secure your crypto assets with our MPC-based cold wallet

Ceffu uses the latest breakthroughs in multi-party computation cryptography, eliminating any single point of failure to safeguard your digital assets with segregated on-chain cold wallets.

key management

Distributed key management

Key shares are stored on distributed, geographically air-gapped FIPS 140-2 compliant devices


Threshold signing scheme

Multi-party computation (MPC) mechanism requires M key shares signing, which N key shares must verify to validate a transaction. The whole process is taken offline. Learn more about MPC.

decentralized storage

Zero trust security

A trustless security model where every digital interaction is separately authenticated

app download

Simplicity: easy to use

Customizable role-based access. Manage addresses swiftly and securely through the Ceffu app


On-chain visibility of funds

Dedicated on-chain wallet addresses


Transaction approval policy

Set roles and permissions based on your organization’s needs


Each user has their own dedicated on-chain address for both deposits and withdrawals


Execute bespoke escrow transactions with our independent third-party escrow service


Segregated and secure on-chain wallet

Each Qualified Wallet used in escrow provides clients with their own segregated on-chain wallet address

Multi-party computation (MPC)

Our Qualified Wallets run on MPC technology. Private key shares can communicate secure information without revealing any of the actual information – there is no single point of failure

Disaster recovery

Unlike smart contracts which offer no protection against loss of assets, our solutions have disaster recovery plans in place to ensure optimal asset security

Secure your institutional crypto assets today