Introducing MirrorX, the fastest bridge to the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange. Learn more about our new release


The fastest bridge to the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange

Keep your assets in Ceffu’s independent custody when accessing the Binance Exchange with MirrorX, Ceffu’s leading off-exchange settlement solution.

Deploy your capital on Binance instantaneously
Through MirrorX, institutions dedicate a specified amount of their asset balance available in their and delegate them from Ceffu to their designated Binance sub-account instantaneously with a 1:1 balance.
Their assets remain in Ceffu’s custody at all times and are automatically settled off-chain at T+1.
Minimize counterparty risk
Minimize counterparty risk
Trade with confidence by deploying your liquidity on the Binance Exchange while your assets remain off-exchange in Ceffu’s custody.
Allocate your assets instantly
Allocate your assets instantly
Your assets are instantaneously reflected in your designated Binance sub-account at a 1:1 ratio to use with most products available on Binance.
Withdraw anytime
Withdraw anytime
Withdraw part or all of your delegated assets directly from your Binance account. Withdrawals will trigger a T+1 settlement.
Deep liquidity without compromising on security
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