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Prime Wallet

Integrate speed in your digital asset needs

Enjoy fast transactions and other core features catered to diverse institutional needs, including off-exchange settlement with the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange

How Prime Wallets work

How Prime Wallets work

Multi-wallet setup

Each Prime Wallet user is provided with a segregated on-chain deposit address, while withdrawal addresses are centralized to enable instantaneous transactions

Combining security with convenience

Once deposited, assets are transferred to an omnibus hot wallet. Assets are periodically swept to cold storage, ensuring the same level of security as a Qualified Wallet for the majority of assets, but still allowing flexibility for quick transactions as needed

Powering the only off-exchange settlement solution integrated with Binance

Delegate your Prime Wallet assets 1:1 on the Binance Exchange while your assets remain off-exchange in Ceffu’s independent custody with MirrorX


Instant delegation and undelegation of your assets between Ceffu and Binance

Use your mirrored assets to access most products available in the Binance ecosystem

Ability to withdraw your mirrored assets from your Binance master account

Automatic T+1 settlements

Secure your institutional crypto assets today