Ceffu Provides Institutional Security for pSTAKE Finance

2023-02-22  •  2 min read

We’re delighted to announce that pSTAKE Finance, the multi-chain liquid staking protocol, has chosen Ceffu’s institutional-grade cold storage solution to integrate its PSTAKE (ERC-20) token and secure its digital assets. This partnership enables any institutional holders of PSTAKE tokens to conveniently onboard and secure their assets on Ceffu.

"The partnership with Ceffu marks an important milestone for pSTAKE’s growth,” shares Tushar Aggarwal, Co-founder and CEO of Persistence. “Through Ceffu’s seamless UX and superior security features, and pSTAKE’s liquid staking solutions, institutions can now safely custody $PSTAKE and maximize capital efficiency for their assets. pSTAKE already supports BNB amongst other assets, and we are excited to continue building through Ceffu and within the Binance ecosystem."

Ceffu provides standalone custody services, as well as integrated liquidity solutions by way of its connectivity to the Binance ecosystem. This seamless integration provides institutions with direct, secure access to a wide range of products and services from the world’s largest crypto exchange. 

“The pSTAKE team is continuously working on new exciting developments in the liquid staking space, and we’re thrilled to support their journey as their custody partner,” shares Athena Yu, VP of Ceffu. “We look forward to growing our partnership and continue providing institutional-grade security that supports their digital asset needs.”

About pSTAKE Finance

pSTAKE is a multi-chain liquid staking protocol, built on a mission to unlock liquidity and empower DeFi for staked assets. With pSTAKE, users can securely stake their Proof-of-Stake (PoS) assets (such as BNB) to earn staking rewards, and receive staked underlying representative tokens called stkASSETs (for instance, $stkBNB), which can be used to explore additional yield opportunities in DeFi.

For more information, visit www.pstake.finance 

About Ceffu

Ceffu is a compliant, institutional-grade custody platform offering custody and liquidity solutions that are ISO 27001 & 27701 certified and SOC Type 1 & Type 2 attested. Its multi-party computation (MPC) technology, combined with a customizable multi-approval scheme, provides bespoke solutions allowing institutional clients to safely store and manage their digital assets through its insured, segregated cold storage solution, Qualified Wallet. Institutions also benefit from Ceffu’s secure gateway to a wide range of liquidity products within the Binance ecosystem as Binance’s institutional custody partner.

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